Diglings Lush Starter Kit: How to grow leafy greens

Are you a new edible gardener, or want to be one, or know one? Our Lush Starter Kit is a tried-and-tested starter kit to inspire a new food gardener to begin a life-changing journey, and more importantly, to stick to it.

The Diglings Lush Starter Kit @ RM99 per set contains:

Here are my step-by-step tips on how to grow the included bayam (amaranth) seeds from seed to harvest. Bayam is a great leafy vegetable for a beginner or busy gardener because it is fast to germinate, pretty to see, hardy to pests, and so versatile in a salad, stir-fry or soup. If you have seeds of other leafy greens, the following tips also apply.

One bag of 15-litre Diglings Light Potting Mix fills one medium grow pouch. Place pouch where it gets 1/2 day of direct sunlight, and is protected from heavy rain. In each pouch, scatter 1/2 teaspoon of bayam seeds on soil surface. Then sprinkle just enough soil to cover seeds. Do not bury seeds.

Water soil surface until it is moist but not soggy. Keep seeds always moist until germination – never let them dry out.

Within 4 days, seeds germinate, each with a pair of seed leaves.

In 10 days, leaves that appear after seed leaves are the true leaves, which are the leaves that we will eat. After this, the plants will grow quickly and visibly by centimetres every day! Rate of growth depends on amount of sunlight, water and nutrients, so your growth rate may vary from mine.

After true leaves appear, once a week, drench diluted Lush on plants as if you are watering the plants. To dilute, mix 2 ml of Lush in 1 litre of water in a watering can (1:500). Yes, that’s all you need! Lush is that potent and economical. Follow this simple schedule for drenching:
Week 1 – Lush One
Week 2 – Lush Too
Week 3 – Lush One
Week 4 – Lush Too
Repeat weekly.

Learn more on using Lush Set.

In 18 days, we can start harvesting or we can let the bayam grow bigger. On the left is the sharp-leaf green bayam, which is melt-in-your-mouth tender when stir-fried or cooked in soups. On the right is the pretty rounder-leaf green and red bayam.

Day 23 after starting seeds. I am going to harvest the bigger, taller leaves while they are nice and tender to eat. This will allow smaller leaves below to get more sun and space to grow bigger.

I harvest a bouquet of leaves. There is enough left growing in the pouches for a few more meals.

Day 27. Within days after the first harvest, the smaller leaves have sprung up!

Day 32. I harvest the second round. There are still lots of leaves left in the pouches for more meals.

Day 40. After four harvests, I pull out all the bayam by the roots as the plants are starting to get old and tough. I add all plant residue to my compost. Roots have grown right to the bottom outer side of grow pouch. Due to the airy nature of the fabric, the pouches promote better root growth compared to regular pots.

The Diglings Lush Starter Kit @ RM99 per set contains:

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