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Have you seen these funky cavities in brocolli and carrots? When I first noticed such hollow stems, I was surprised to learn that they were not the work of an artistic worm, but signs of a deficiency in a mineral called boron.

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Advanced Plant Nutrition

Diglings Lush Set provides cutting-edge and complete liquid nutrition to all plants, aid plants to recover from environmental stresses, and promote earthworms and beneficial soil microbes.

Diglings Blossom Buddy provides highly-available liquid potassium for the critical flowering and fruiting stage.

Diglings Cold-pressed Neem Oil provides high-grade, effective organic control of insect predators and fungal diseases.

Diglings Light Potting Mix is lightweight, well-draining and compost-rich. 

Diglings Lush Starter Kit @ RM99 per set contains:

  • 1 starter Lush Set (Lush One 200 ml & Lush Too 200 ml)
  • 2 grow pouches (M size)
  • 2 Diglings Light Potting Mix (15L)
  • 2 seed packets (sharp green bayam and red bayam)

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