Plant Nutrition

Good nutrition is the foundation of soil, plant, animal, and human health. I hear food gardeners talk a lot about the importance of compost, earthworms and beneficial soil microbes, and rightly so as these are essential to grow healthy food. However, I hear much less talk about the importance of minerals or nutrients.

As the FAO diagram above shows (click on diagram for a clearer picture) , there are 18 (at least) minerals that are essential for plant and human health. Each mineral drives key functions in plants, animals, and humans. In the soil, minerals and microbes work together to nourish our plants. Therefore, a thriving food garden needs both microbes and minerals, or in other words, both compost and fertiliser.

Here are the high-quality fertilisers that I have used for 8 years to grow a garden that is thriving with fruits, herbs, vegetables and flowers, and teeming with wildlife. I was introduced to this cutting-edge plant nutrition in Australia when I was studying for a Master of Environment. Previously known only to professional growers, who use them to ensure high yield and high nutrition, while regenerating the soil and natural environment, they are now available to home gardeners and small-scale farmers. 

With these effective problem-solvers, even beginners will be able to grow a beautiful, flavourful, nutrient-dense, and pesticide-free garden. Warning: you are likely to be converted into a life-long gardener. I can say this with confidence because over the years, I have seen this happening with my workshop participants and clients, many of whom were beginner gardeners. 

If you would like to start with just one thing from me, I would recommend the LUSH SET. Within hours of applying, you will see greener and perkier leaves. Within weeks, watch for more vibrant fruits and flowers, and improved pest-resilience. If you don’t see any improvement, there may be fundamental problems with your soil, growing environment, or growing technique. Please contact me if you would like my coaching support to problem-solve.

Advanced Plant Nutrition

Diglings Lush Set provides cutting-edge and complete liquid nutrition to all plants, aid plants to recover from environmental stresses, and promote earthworms and beneficial soil microbes.

Diglings Blossom Buddy provides highly-available liquid potassium for the critical flowering and fruiting stage.

Diglings Cold-pressed Neem Oil provides high-grade, effective organic control of insect predators and fungal diseases.

Diglings Potting Mix is lightweight, well-draining and compost-rich. 

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