Lessons from Goldilocks: How to choose plants for your weather, and how to create weather for your plants

What has Goldilocks and porridge got to do with gardening? Stephen Hawking says, “Like Goldilocks, the development of intelligent life requires that planetary temperatures be ‘just right'”. Well, the Goldilocks Rule applies to plant life in the garden too.

Diglings Lush Starter Kit: How to grow leafy greens

Are you a new edible gardener, or want to be one, or know one? The Edible Garden Lush Kit by Diglings and Ground Control is a tried and tested starter kit to inspire a new food gardener to begin a life-changing journey, and more importantly, to stick to it. Here are my step-by-step tips on how to grow the included bayam (amaranth) seeds from seed to harvest.